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ZWISCHEN, postcards, 2017

Art that belongs to everyone
orig: Kunst, die allen gehört
Leporello, 2017
Language: German

ZWISCHEN (engl: BETWEEN ) is the name of the commissioned project that RELAX realized at the Elementary School Brünnen/City of Bern. A new building by Ernst Gerber Architekten+PlanerAG. ZWISCHEN is in three parts: it consists of cushion-like useme*s in the signal colours red, orange, yellow and silver, which are distributed on all five floors of the new school building. On the other hand, useme*s are attached to a device specially designed for them, which is located between the school area and a fenced apple tree meadow, sie sind auch im Schulgarten verstreut. Third part is a Leporello booklet with drawings by the children attending this elementary school, in which they visualized the way from home to school, all drawing are designed as detachable postcards.

To order, mail to: RELAX (chiarenza & hauser & co)